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The healthcare demands in China are growing rapidly. The increasing incomes and aging population, together with the healthcare reform, significantly change the landscape of healthcare industry. Adicon position itself as a flagship in the sector of clinical diagnostic labs. We already see such tremendous growth. This family grows from a dozen of people to over 4000 employees in less than 8 years. But we see much more potentials in the future. In that process, we definitely will meet the challenges, but our spirit is to solve them along the way. We are looking for the people who have the following characteristics:

1. Updated minds. Willing to learn, devote, create, develop in a new system. Since we are in a relatively new model in healthcare ndustry. We encourage you provide new ideas, new capacities; meanwhile, we hope you also fit our model and environment.

2. Have the ability to convert your capacities to our business. We are willing to accept all kinds of talents on you, if you can utilize them into our business direction. It is a place to elaborate your creativity, as long as you can position yourself correctly.

3. Cherish our core values. We are still in the process of pioneering. Our core values are quality, client service, and cooperation. We are listening to your voices, and making an environment of encouragement. Your devotion will be awarded.
Join Adicon to enhance your career in China healthcare industry.