ADICON Clinical LaboratoryADICON Clinical Laboratory

Test Item


Project name Specimen requirements Detection type
DNA Sequencing 2-3mL EDTA-anticoagulant bone marrow (perferred) or PBL. DNA Sequencing
DNA Ploid Exam EDTA anticoagulant whole blood or bone marrow 2mL flow cytometry
Des FFPE samples IHC
DPD SNP EDTA anticoagulant whole blood 2ml DNA Sequencing
Digoxin Serum 2ml CLIA
Down Syndrome screening amniotic fluid Karyotyping
Diabetes-related antibodies (INS-Ab, GAD-Ab, ICA) Serum 1 ml RIA
Dry Chemical Analysis of Urine Urine 5ml Urine Analyzer Method
Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulfate(DHEA) Serum 1 ml CLIA
Direct Bilirubin (D-BIL) Fasting Serum 1ml "Vanadate Oxidation
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