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Test Item


Project name Specimen requirements Detection type
Solid phase immune electrophoresis Serum 2ml、Morning Urine 3ml(anti-septic is not required) Electrophoresis
Sperm DNA fragments Sperm 2ML flow cytometry
SMA FFPE samples IHC
S-100 FFPE samples IHC
Syn FFPE samples IHC
Special staining and enzyme histochemical diagnosis including Intestinal metaplasia subtypes detection,FFPE samples Immunohistochemistry
STMN1 Expression Level FFPE or fresh tissue Real time PCR
Sodium Valproate Serum 2ml CLIA
Squamous Cell Cancer Relative Antigen (SCC) Serum l ml CLIA
Seven Element (Fe, Zn, Ca, Mg, Cu, Pb, Cd) AAS
Semen Zinc (Zn) semen 2-3ml AAS
Salmonella, Shigella Refer to Special Collection Method Microscope
Specific Gravity of urine randomurine 10ml microscope
Semen Fructose Sperm 1ml Colorimetry
Serum Iron Serum 1ml End-Point Method
Sodium (Na) Fasting Serum 1ml ISE
Semen Zinc (Zn) semen 2-3ml AAS
Sex Hormone 6 items (PRL+FSH+LH+TTE+PGN+E2) Serum 1 ml CLIA
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