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Colorectal cancer screening: an interview with Dr Donato F. Altomare3

What impact do you think this breath analyser will have on colorectal cancer screening?

A breath analysis has a better compliance from the population and in our study it showed a higher accuracy (85% in the trial phase and 75% in the prospective blind phase) compared to the FOBT.

If the data will be confirmed in a large trial comparing the breath test with the FOBT, it will revolutionize the way to do screening, because it probably could be applied to other types of cancer.

Are there any plans to use breath analysis to screen for other diseases?

The search and understanding of these small molecules is a new field of science called metabolomics and this approach is nowadays one of the most exciting new fields of research for screening several types of cancer and probably other diseases (chronic inflammatory diseases).

About Dr Donato F. Altomare

  • Donato F. Altomare BIG IMAGEAssociate Professor of Surgery, president of the II School of Specialization in General Surgery and Inter-Department Research Center for Pelvic Floor Diseases at University of Bari, Bari, Italy
  • Past President of the Italian Society of ColoRectal Surgery
  • Past Associate Director of the International Society of University ColoRectal Surgeons
  • Chairman of the program Committee and member of the Research Committee of the European Society of Coloproctology
  • Co-Editor of Colorectal Diseases, Technique in Coloproctology, and Nutrition and Metabolism, Associate Editor of Diseases of the Colon and Rectum